Junior Research Group - Biocatalytic Synthesis -

Welcome to the junior research group of Jan von Langermann!

Our research focuses on the direct integration of separation techniques into biocatalytic reactions. With this concept we aim to overcome common limitations in biocatalysis such as undesired side reactions, inhibitions and thermodynamically unfavorable reaction equilibria.

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Investigated enzymes:
- Imine Reductases
- Transaminases
- Decarboxylases
- Alcohol dehydrogenases
- Lipases & Esterases
- Hydroxynitrile lyases

For the research group of the mentor Prof. Udo Kragl click here.

The 19th workshop of this series took place in the aula of the historic university main building in the city center of Rostock (on September 21st 2017) and in the lecture hall of the Institute of Chemistry (on September 22nd 2017).

Prof. Kragl, Dr. Jan von Langermann and the entire support crew thank you all for attending the 19th Japanese-German Workshop on Enzyme Technology 2017 in Rostock, Germany. We hope you had a productive meeting and many fruitful discussions.

The 5th International Conference on Biocatalysis in Non-Conventional Media (BNCM2017) took place on 9th – 11th of May 2017 in Rostock, Germany.

We hope that you enjoyed the conference and had fruitful discussions. We would like to thank you all for joining BNCM2017!

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Dr. Jan von Langermann

University of Rostock
Institute of Chemistry
Biocatalytic synthesis group
Albert-Einstein-Str. 3A
18059 Rostock, Germany

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